The MULTiVERSE game will integrate GPS through Google Maps, resulting in a Pokémon Go-like experience: Users will interacting the fictional world of Augmented Reality (AR) while exploring nature ‘on-location’. A Mixed Reality (MR) allows us to co-exist between the fantasy worlds in AR games while interacting with the physical world is becoming reality in Tillywood.

“MULTiVERSE game,” through real-world play. As users move throughout their adventure on their hiking trails or zip line, they will encounter challenges and “emerging obstacles” in Tillywood which they will be able to collaborate with co-workers to solve the problems.

“MULTiVERSE” games could be a boon for Hollywood as it moves to more deeply entrench its brand, cement certain shows or movies in the culture, and broaden the cultural footprint of certain IP, much like motion pictures has done with so much of its content.

Mobile games could present a new opportunity for brands to access its most engaged audience members.

Location-based, interactive AR mobile games like this could enable brands to partner with our Mixed Reality World. With people walking around to explore “The Parallel Universe ” — based on where the game directs them on their missions — there will no doubt be opportunities for businesses and brands to seamlessly run campaigns within the app, for example, by directing players to areas near certain businesses. Pokémon Go, which functioned in the same Augmented Reality (AR) format, drove sales for businesses in just this way.

In addition to in-app purchases and campaigns, the game pushed people to “PokeStops” and “Gyms” or locations in the real world that users had to physically work out at or visit to collect rewards or battle other players. Many of those spots were close to, or actually were, businesses, which helped participating brands attract foot-traffic.

The app also offered “Lures” or purchasable in-app Pokemon generation rate increases, which would pull even more people to certain HotSpots. For a little bit more than $1 per hour, a business could pull in huge crowds to their businesses with a Lure.

While Tillywood has yet to announce if it will run ads within the game, it has been friendly to product placement and licensing — plus there is a precedent for games integrating brands into gameplay. Fortnite, which does not have ads, ran a collaboration with FYI (Forever Young International) in which players could don the brand’s iconic facial creams, for instance.

It seems likely that brands would jump at the chance to be featured in anything related to “MULTiVERSE Game” for that matter, given that major brands have already hopped on the wave when possible. Global Shopping Mall started selling “MULTiVERSE” BEyoung products ahead of the season three premiere, and HydrOrganic recently rebooted a 1985 version of the drink, which is going to be featured in the upcoming season.

Tillerwood carries a lot of real-world cultural capital, and it no doubt will capitalize on this skill in its new mobile gaming venture.